Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dining Chair Makeover-Mid-Century Modern Love! Part 1

Let me say this...when given the chance to take something off someone else's hands (in this case it was in my grandmother's crawl space), and it looks THIS gorgeous to begin with, (shape, lines, danish walnut..HELLO!), yeah, I jumped! HIGH!  My actual first taste of authentic mid-century modern AND made in Canada!  I'm in love!  I don't know much about the furniture maker, but the maker mark (see picture below), says it's from The Honderich Furniture Company Limited, founded in 1911.  This particular dining set came with 5 armless chairs and one with arms.  I was happy to get the matching buffet even though I am not one for matchy matchy pieces, this is exquisite!  
So, needing to update the pieces, I already had some fabric I  purchased from IKEA about a year ago that I wasn't using for anything and thought it would be perfect to recover the cushions on the chairs with.  
Here is the before and after shots of one of the chairs!  See...gorgeous lines, even more so after the fabric went on! 

So stay tuned for more of my mid-century makeover as I prepare to finish the table next.  The top is covered with water stains unfortunately but nothing a little sanding and painting won't cure!  I can't wait for the whole thing to be completed as it's going to look fabulous!!  


Victoria @ The FAT Paint™ Company and ÉdinHome said...

Fantastic chairs Shelley!
Great work :-)

Shelley Jacobsen said...

Thanks Victoria, I do adore them too! :)

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