Tuesday, November 15, 2011


During the holidays I tend to frequent the second hand stores in my hometown (support local!) quite often, (they definitely know me!).  Always seeking out a new set of fabulous finds for get togethers and dinner parties.  I have also found a few other sources to satisfy my thirst for deal's and this year I'm finding so many great things!  The thought of mixing old w/new is just so appealing to me, because it makes it personalized, has a story and makes for great conversation!  I thought it would be fun to share just a couple of my super deals and wondered...what do you look for when you visit those great little shops?  What has been your favorite find so far?  Feel free to share and comment below...happy thrifting!   

(Just wait until you see the fab finds I picked up for the holidays! Will be sharing soon...stay tuned!)  


Sheila @SZInteriors said...

I love this post Shelley! And I have a great find to share... but I can't until after Christmas because I'm giving it to my daughter for a gift. :-)
This year I'm really trying to be thrifty and DIY-y with the gift giving - it's way more fun, and I think meaningful!

xo Sheila

Shelley Jacobsen said...

Thanks Sheila, I think it's important for everything you do or gift to be meaningful and I can hardly wait for you to share your great find that you are giving your daughter! Sounds so exciting!!

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