Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabulous Friday Find

Every Friday, I am going to share something new and fresh~a FABULOUS find~that I have stumbled upon. This is something new that I think you will enjoy as much as I love sharing it with you.  

I am a lover of all things white in case you hadn't noticed.  I do find myself wanting to add colour in some way shape or form, or both perhaps, every now and again.  Everyone needs a little colour in their life, don't you agree?  So I am "Springing" forward you could say with this post, because this is just a fabulous find and of what's to come I feel in the coming months.  I came across these beautiful~no GORGEOUS~pillows & benches from Jamie Young.  

Used with modern colours and patterns for today's homes, this "Suzani" collection was inspired by the fabric from the Silk Roads of Central Asia used for saddlecloths, tent flaps, cradle covers and salt bags.  Here are just a few of my favourites.  

This is only a taste of the fabulous products from Jamie Young.  Check out the website (you have to register but it's worth it!).  Happy Friday!  

Shelley xo.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2jacs Has A New Shop!

It's great to be back!  I'm sure a few of you have been wondering where I've been.  I know I've been MIA since the end of December, but what I found is sometimes it's necessary to take breaks.  To just try to figure out a few things, like what direction to head in next.  I love what I do but it's also important to keep things fresh.  Through some brainstorming, I thought to myself, "what appeals to me most?". Sometimes it takes awhile to sort through all the thoughts and processes that enter (and leave) your mind.  Personally I am all about comfort and something personal in the home, while keeping it beautiful. I love texture and pattern. So my latest venture is basically an "add on" to the business and what I love to do and I'de like to introduce my new shop, Jac&Jil. I love the idea of knitted items in the home, and this inspiration really comes from my aunt, who has been making dishcloths for the family for like...well ever!  So thanks Aunt Donna!

In my shop you will find hand knit dish cloths as well as spa cloths, carefully crafted from 100% cotton.  Best cloths you will ever use!  The dish cloths work on all surfaces, the texture makes for great scrubbing, they're longer lasting than regular cloths and best of all eco-friendly!  Easily machine washable (in cold water of course), and I prefer to hang them to dry (you can tumble dry too). The spa cloths have a different texture for softness, are gentle on all skin types and wonderful with body scrubs!  You get the real spa feel using these! Coming soon, hand towels for the kitchen & bath, pillow covers and throws.  

Here's one of the spa cloth's in natural:

So please check out the new shop here for additional information such as pricing and colours.  These also make great gifts! Just look for the J&J logo!  
(The website is most likely just temporary to start, so bear with me while I go through all the trials and errors of this little shop in the beginning.  Just giving this a go for the first time.  Thanks for your patience!) 

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