Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

This really has been one of the toughest years for me that I can remember, for so many reasons & too many to list.  In order to move forward, you have to look back, let go, stay strong, worry less, dance more, stay positive & definitely love often...
...so I just want to say THANK YOU for all the lessons 2013 and as I look forward to 2014, there are no 'resolutions' in my head, just a whole lot of "I AM READY!"                                                                                   
 Happy New Year & all the best to everyone!                            

Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekend Look

FALL fashion is probably one of my favorite seasons for dressing & this year it's so fun!  Look for plaid, quilting, leather (vegan (faux) if you can), jewels, burgundy, reds, whites, textures & metallics.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday & Pretty in Pink

I've been obsessed with pastel pink for quite some time now.  It's probably the reason I made it a colour you can choose for a variety of items in my Jac&Jil shop on Etsy.  With all the Royal Baby buzz lately, and all things British, I'm also obsessing over a little thing called "High Tea"...why not have one of your own? Here's my version of a Sunday afternoon with good friends for High Tea, and maybe a few ideas you may want to add...

6. Banner

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Style File-Get The Look

I'm a sucker for an animal print, whether it be wild, tame or otherwise.  Even the birds & bees.  Thank goodness there are many ways to play with it... 

Navy sleeveless butterfly print chiffon tank $27.00

The possibilities are endless!  Personally I love the first and last tops:) What's your favorite? 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things I'm Talking About - Orange!

Don't be afraid!  Orange is everywhere, and instead of running from it, embrace it!  Whether it's fashion, beauty, home decor, indoors, outdoors, light, bright, dark, barely there...here's a few ways you can incorporate this fresh colour into your life.  

Here's why I love this:

Instantly adds colour to any space, adds a modern feel & can easily be changed! 

                 Here's why I love this:

Adds a fun tropical feel to any outdoor dinner party, or elegant touch for that dinner for two with it's scalloped edge.  These are also made of melamine so they won't break! 

Here's why I love this:

This orange clamp on style lamp, swivels, gives GREAT task lighting and can be moved from room to room!   It also frees up more space on a shelf or desk! 

Here's why I love this:

Studs are in and why not have them with a punch of colour!  Paired with olive, black or teal...
...now that's what I call arm candy!  
The best part?  It's under $10! 

Here's why I love this:

It's right on trend with the geometric print, subtle colours, dress it up or use as a cover for your bathing suit at the beach!   What!! 

Here's why I love this:

New from Maybelline is their Colour Sensational® Vivids collection.  "Vibrant Mandarin 885" can be worn on any skin colour/tone and with nourishing honey nectar, it's actually good for your lips!   I personally have this and love love love it!  

Source:  1. Pillow 2. Plate 3. Clamp Lamps 4. Bracelet 5. Dress 6. Lipstick

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Style File-Get The Look

The Cannes Film Festival brings out more glam and couture than ever with many eyes on the fashion.  I picked a few of my favorites from the red carpet and found some similar looks for a fraction of the cost!  With wedding & event season upon us, you can look like a star in your own right with any of these looks and stop em dead in their tracks! 

Zoe Saldana-Sultry Look
Dark Grey Lanvin Hi Low Dress & Gucci Sandals $$$$

Isla Fisher-Flirty Look
Dolce & Gabbana Dress With Floral Detail $$$$

Freida Pinto-Classy With A Pop Of Colour  
Bright Green Colourblocked Dress & Patent Pumps $$$$

Olivia Palermo-Sexy & Fun Look
Beaded Roberto Cavalli Long Sleeved Mini & Aquazzura Pumps $$$$

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Series: It's A Tween's World-One Dress, Two Looks!

So the tween in my world, is having a formal dance on Friday, so the madness of shopping for a dress and accessories began yesterday, because living in a town of only 17,000 (plus), doesn't give you a lot of shopping choices for these types of things.  As much as I try to shop local for most things, there are exceptions.  So off we went to Downtown Vancouver and after trying on about 10 dresses, she fell in love with one from Topshop.  

I must say, it's a pretty spectacular dress that looks fabulous on her, and the bonus?  She can wear it two ways. Yay!!  

Here's two ways to wear this dress:

1. Dress
2. Ring
5. Clutch

1. Dress
2. Jacket
4. Boots
5. Tote

In the end, she got a dress she loves, the clutch from Aldo, ring from Forever21 and earrings also from Forever21.  She is borrowing my white strappy wedges (similar to the ones posted minus the silver).  Not sure if it's a good thing that we have the same size feet?  Do you have a piece you wear two ways?  

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