Thursday, December 24, 2009

5 Tips For Selling Your Home Through This Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching rapidly now.  The stores are tempting us with dancing Santa's, animated snow globes, poinsettias and huge green wreath's. The huge problem is you are selling your house this season.  Too much of these beautiful decorations could harm your selling progress.  When your house is on the market or about to go on the market, you as a homeowner should only be thinking of selling fast and profitably.   Decorating your home too much can affect your sale.  Less is always better when you're selling your home.

Curb appeal is crucial to a quick profitable sale.  

1.  If you haven't already, now is the time to trim all bushes, shrubs and trees, rake dead leaves from gardens and walkways.  Walkways and windows should be clear of debris. Discard any hanging baskets and pots (summer is over).  Red and green's are great colors to add attention to your property and to enhance its curb appeal.

2.  Add black as a accent.  If you have room add black urns on both sides of the door to enhance and give it some drama.  Adding seasonal greenery is an inexpensive way to decorate. (If you don't have a cedar bush or pine tree, look at your mom's or neighbour, you only need to clip a few branches to stick into the pots.)  If you want to be creative add a red ribbon bow (use wire ribbon for beginner's).  Stick a few poinsettias in the greenery from the dollar store.

3.  The front door should stand out from the rest of the house; this is the welcoming factor of your property.  Ensuring it's clean, bright and clear at all times will leave a lasting impression on your buyer.  Painting the door a contrasting color that complements the rest of the house would help with its curb appeal. It's Ok to place a wreath on your door, just keep it simple, remember the key "less is better when you're selling."  Not everyone celebrates the holidays in the same fashion as you and your family do. 

4.  If your budget allows add some new  door hardware.  If not, ensure everything at the entrance is spotless, no shovels, no brooms, no garbage or recycle pails, no shoes, no dirty mats, nothing... less will sell your house faster.  By putting these things at your front door you're just telling me (the buyer ) you have no storage,  so neither will I.  You have just lost a sale right here at the front door.

5.  All the blow up animated characters you have, save them for next year in your new house, they will be new again and you'll appreciate them even more. You're moving right?

Happy Holidays!

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