Thursday, November 24, 2011

An Attitude of Gratitude

Today on this American Thanksgiving Day, as I sift through many tweets and posts all over the world wide web, I wonder if the true meaning of Thanksgiving is lost. It isn't Thanksgiving Day in Canada, (October 10, 2011), but I am ALWAYS thankful for many things...most falling into the category of the simple kind.  I find myself to be more patient and believe it or not, happier with less "stuff". 

Forgive me if it makes my head spin, but I can't figure out the allure of going out the day after you are supposed to "be grateful" for what you HAVE, not what you WILL HAVE in less than 24 hours.  What's even more disturbing is that Canada is following this BLACK FRIDAY trend by having UBER ridiculous sales and luring buyers to frankly...get more stuff! You'll pardon me if you are one of those people that is actually shopping for someone in need.'s an idea.  If you must go out to join the madness, why not contact your local Christmas Bureau first and adopt a family this year.  Find out what they may need or want and help make their holiday the best ever!  How simply gratifying!  

So I ask everyone on this day to take a look at what you DO HAVE in your life, and have an attitude of gratitude.  
Really. Simple. Stuff.  

Happy Thanksgiving. xo


Sheila @SZInteriors said...

This is really well-put, Shelley.

I'm just catching up now - have been very under the weather for most of this week - and I'm definitely grateful to be feeling slightly perkier today... but that aside, this will make you smile. I had to ask my hubby what Black Friday was! I'm not kidding.

xo Sheila

Shelley Jacobsen said...

Ha...Sheila, you crack me up:) Definitely made me laugh Glad you are feeling better and thanks so much for reading...! xo

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