Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rental Decorating-Living In Style!

Just because you live in a rental, doesn't mean you can't live comfortably and stylish.  It's easy to inject your own style into any space and still be able to take some of that with you to your next digs, even if you don't own the property.  Of course before you decide to go into a decorating frenzy, be sure to check with your landlord on any changes you would like to make.  Depending on the changes and decorating you would like to incorporate, you may even be able to negotiate a little on the rent and/or get the cost of the materials covered if you're willing to do the work when it comes to the painting, changing out a countertop, cupboards, fixtures or flooring.  Here are just some of the ways that you can add your flare to the rental space without comprising your budget and making it feel like home. 

The best way to get the most bang for your buck is with paint. A fresh coat of paint will instantly give you that new feeling and brighten up any space.  It's best to stick with warm, neutral colours so when it comes time to move there will be less work trying to cover any bold coloured walls which won't be good for the bank account.  Keep the bold colours to the accents, art and furniture pieces. 

Lighting is key in any space depending on the room and it's purpose.  Change out any outdated wall sconces, overhead lighting or hanging pendants with new ones.  This is usually very easy and inexpensive and the best part is you can take it with you to your new place.  Just be sure to hang on to the older lighting to put back in it's original place when it's time to move.

Multifunctional pieces are a wonderful way to incorporate different purposes for a room.  If you don't have a lot of space and are on a budget like most renters, these pieces are a must.  Try finding a coffee table that could also be used as a dining table simply by finding one with folding legs or changing them to hydrolic.  You can also replace the top so it can fold down on either side when you're using it for your coffee table.  Also try adding more seating to your space by adding a bench with cushions that can also be moved for more seating at the dining table.  Then when it's time to move, either of these pieces can be used again in other parts of your new home for different purposes. 

desk/office area

same desk as dining table

Window treatments will most likely be necessary.  To mask any deficiencies or low ceilings, hang draperies from floor to ceiling to make the space feel larger.  Then you can pack them up when you leave!

Most renters don't have the budget for adding built-ins, not to mention you can't take it with you to your next home.  Adding prefabricated storage units from big box stores that can be brought with you and placed in almost any room, will give you more storage without the added cost of the built-in custom look. You can always go up so think vertically!

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Carol@TheDesignPages said...

So true. There are a lot of things you can do to spruce up your rental and make it feel like home!

Shelley Jacobsen said...

These apply to owners who are living in small spaces or down sizing as well! It's important for any place to feel like home:)

Sheila Zeller said...

Great tips, and I love the photos you used! They're inspiration all on their own... we changed out the chandelier in our rental, and haven't looked back. Soooo glad we took that step - our chandie puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. And the rental one, well, it looks better stored away than it did in place!

Shelley Jacobsen said...

@Sheila, your Chandelier was fabulous! Loved it! It doesn't have to be a lot of changes just some simple ones that make all the difference. Paint is huge for me personally...:)

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