Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bedroom Makeover-Part 1

Over the past little while I have been occupying myself with some long overdue projects...and I mean LONG overdue.  Some others have been put on hold for now, but that's OK.  Rome wasn't built in a day right?  Let's just say it took awhile, simply due to the fact that colour schemes and ideas were changed many times over.  You have to understand, when you are doing a room for the younger generation, it's really important to have THEIR input in what they (my daughter in this case), want the room to look like.   The FINAL inspiration came from the master bedroom in the HGTV 2012 Green Home.  It had the colours she loved, as well as a beachy, casual style & feel that is completely her.  It's a room that can grow with her and doesn't feel too old.  Together, with a 'teensy' bit of my expertise and help, we pulled it all together.  

The size of my daughter's room is obviously no where near the size of the inspiration room, so some tweaking to make it HER own and the way she wanted it was necessary.  For starters, she decided she wanted a white headboard and bedskirt, not brown.  I fully agreed.  I made the bedskirt from the same white waffle fabric as the headboard, so the colour could come in the form of the throws, pillows and furniture if she so desired.  That way it's easy to change the colour if she ever gets tired of these ones.  Makes sense right?  

White Waffle Fabric

I know I should have done a better tutorial on the bedskirt and thought about it after the fact,  but did put together a small one (to follow).  The end result has a clean, fresh look.  All the white waffle fabric that I used to make the bedskirt and headboard I ended up getting for free from my mother who had bought it like 5 years ago to make robes!  What would we do without them and the best part was how I could reuse it! 

So it turns out, I can actually do stripes...except well, for one little hiccup:(  Don't even know how that happened!  Luckily the DIY headboard project covered over it so I was VERY relieved! Oh and the paint, was on sale at Home Depot for a mere $12!  This project was really done on a dime and YES!  It CAN be done! 

Stripes done in Martha Stewart Molasses (MSL245)
Low Odor/Low VOC Colour Performance Paint

Here's a sneak peek at the headboard that covers that not so lovely spot


She decided she only wanted 3 rows of the headboard so more of the stripes would show.  Less work and fine with me:)

The whole colour scheme was done in a fresh green, (remember the pillows I made a while back?)...

SOFIA Fabric IKEA $6.99/yd! (It's now $7.99/!) well as turquoise/teal as seen in the flecks in this throw.
GURLI Throw from IKEA $14.99

Of course white, and brown are the backdrop colours as seen in the walls and included in the bedding as well.  There were so many things to do in this makeover, like window treatment, lighting & furniture/storage solutions, but it was so worth it.  Natural materials, like natural wood, wicker and rattan were also used.  It continues to amaze me what a transformation can do! I have to say it's the reaction at the end of it all that makes me love what I do:) Especially when it's for your own family!

Stay tuned for a few of the DIY tutorials to follow and I'de love to hear what you think about it so far!  
Thanks for popping by!


Sheila Zeller said...

I'm LOVING it so far, and I am totally crushing on that green! Shelley, your posts are just awesome. I can't wait for the tutorials to follow!

Shelley Jacobsen said...

Thanks Sheila! The green is really fresh I think:) When we were picking out the fabrics we both spotted it and knew it would work well:)

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