Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tips From A Makeover Master, Tommy Smythe

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Want a stunning reno or makeover?  Do you know where to start?  Luckily in the latest Canadian House & Home Special Makeover Issue, Tommy Smythe guides homeowners on how to get the most bang for your buck...if that's what you want of course.  See what he shares on good design principals and the triangle of expectation.

One of the top tips to keep in mind when doing a reno or makeover is if there is more work than retiling a backsplash, get out of that house!(His exact words!).  You are probably setting yourself up for more than you bargained for or for disappointment in the long haul.  

Always look at how a room will be used, how many people will be using it and at what time of day or night will it be used.  The first thing clients should be aware of is "The Triangle Of Expectation".  Good, being at the top point, fast and cheap being on either side.  These three cannot exist all in one reno or makeover, so pick two and decide on how it's going to be.  It's entirely up to you and if the bones of a house are right, the rest falls into place and will come together as it should with the decorating.  

Tommy's Budget tips and tricks
  • Houseplants
  • Paint
  • Tile
  • Spray Paint Is Your Best Friend
  • Edit, Edit, Edit!

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