Friday, October 21, 2011

Pamper Your Pooch!

The dog days really are over!  You love your space to be a welcoming place to come home to, so why not show more love and appreciation by dedicating a space for your furry four legged pal/s to cozy up to on these colder nights ahead?  When I came across the article in the premiere issue of HGTV magazine, on designer Vern Yip's (one of my favourite designers since "Trading Spaces"), "room" for his four, yes FOUR canine family members, I had to share.  He has some great tips and advice on how you can keep the peace (and furniture clean!) in a house filled with pooches.  You can pick up the premiere issue on newsstands now.  Trust's drool-worthy!

  • Make sure each dog has his own bed and even better, get ones that are machine washable.
  • The right flooring is essential.  Nonporous, close-fitting tiles for easy mop ups.  
  • Hang metal hooks for keeping leashes and collars from lying around. You can even hang them above each dog bed and make it personalized!
  • Frame photographs (the playful posing kind...), right above their bed.  You can even get fun toys like aquarium clocks that have real fish in them.  (Might want to place those higher up!).  
  • Keep their chew toys, bones etc., in clear jars that are the same, and line them up on a nearby shelf for easy to reach snacks and fun!
  • Paint the room in a darker neutral in an easy to wipe finish like eggshell or semi-gloss.  

Some Supplies Vern Swears By To Keep The Canines & Owners Content!

Mighty Toy Farm Grady Goat, (Extra stitching and it squeaks too!)

Alpine lead from (Strong as a climbing rope!)

deshedding tool from (Top-of-the-line comb)

Pea-Mutt Butter doughnuts from (Looks good enough for people to eat!)

Phuket raised feeder with removable dish from 

Waves collar from (Made from recycled seat belts...awesome!)

Tide Free & Gentle laundry detergent.  Grocery stores nationwide. 
(Wash the little ones clothes with it too!)

Green Tea leaf grooming wipes from (Paws get wiped between baths)

Photo courtesy of

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