Friday, March 9, 2012

Fabulous Friday Find

I've been thinking about my walls lately.  Well to be more precise, ART on my walls in fact.  I came across this amazing artist and her watercolour prints recently, just by fluke and absolutely love her vibrant and quirky prints.  She does a bit of everything.  From abstract to portraits, she is one very talented lady in my opinion and can I just say...very funky!  You can take a look at her website here to find out more.  

These are some of my favourites of Marta can't help but be happy looking at these!  

Have a great weekend!  

Happy Friday!



Sheila Zeller said...

This work is very cool! Bright and uplifting... hmmmm, do I see a piece being added to a certain fab w/i closet makeover? ;-)

Shelley Jacobsen said...

You may just know me too well!

Stephanie from said...

Shelley, just what I needed on a dreary grey day!

Stephanie from said...

Hi again, why can't I find your J&J shop? I've been looking around for it to show a friend.

What website did you use to create it? Can you e-mail me stevie (at) gardentherapy (dot) ca?

Thank you :)

Shelley Jacobsen said...

I agree Stevie...Everybody needs a little colour in their life to brighten the day! (I will email you the link, but in case you see it here first it's on Etsy @ and the website itself is @ ). I should put it up on the blog actually:)

Have a great weekend!

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