Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Closetnista

If only my closet will look like this when I'm done...sigh...

  As you know, I am working on my closet makeover right now.  I definitely needed a bit of help in the wardrobe organization department...gulp, yup I did.  With hoards (get it?), of articles & how to's out there, I came upon the lovely ladies of The Closetnista.  I hit the jackpot!  It was like the universe answered my exact questions and issues that I had had and a huge weight felt like it had been lifted.  Yippee!  

I love their steps on how to organize, and they couldn't be simpler~and I LOVE simple!  Anyone can do this!  Click on the video below for their great tips and tricks they share with their readers.  

Additional tips from Tara & Liz:

1. Don't put your suits together.  Hang the pieces separately so you can actually get use out of all the pieces.

2. Hanging necklaces & bracelets as art on the wall can free up space in the actual closet, keeping it clutter free and looking pretty.  

3. Lighting.  Use soft lighting, not harsh fluorescent bulbs which really will illuminate the things you probably don't want to.  

4. Hang a floor length mirror or lean it up against the wall so you check yourself and look your best before leaving the house.  You don't want to put on that skirt inside out!  

Be sure to check out The Closetnista website for all their great advice.  You'll be glad you did!

(Photos via The Closetnista). 


Sheila Zeller said...

These tips are so awesome, and I can see instantly how they would make such a big difference. I never thought to hang suit pieces separately - where has Closetnista been all my life? ;-) I am really looking forward to your closet reveal, and can appreciate the time involved. Our office is coming along, but I'm not ready for a reveal yet. Working away at it, but not there!

Shelley Jacobsen said...

Trust me...I wish I had found them sooner too, lol! These room makeovers do take some time don't they?! I can't wait to see your's...that sneak peak of your gorgeous capiz shell chandelier was a big teaser Sheila!

DTTD said...

I could use some serious closet help. Things in there seem to keep multiplying - the opposite problem of socks disappearing from the dryer ;-) Major decluttering and organizing are in order! Thanks for sharing the tips from Closetnista and the link :-)


Shelley Jacobsen said...

I hope you can find some useful tips from these gals Kelly. Believe me, you aren't the only one-I had the exact same issue! I think most will find their site very useful and walk away with tips they can use!

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