Friday, December 7, 2012

It's A Tween's World♥

Big plans this weekend!  My daughter officially becomes a TWEEN tomorrow as she turns 12!  Is it me, or do all mothers of tween girls out there, feel like they are 12 going on 17?!  I just want to relate to!  Anyway...unfortunately for her, with a shiny new set of braces, her teeth are incredibly sore, so the party is being postponed until next weekend when she can at least bite into a cupcake or two!  Yeah, it's that bad:(  She will however be adorned by her family and showered with lots of love over the weekend with a trip to the Spa for a fresh new 'Do, pretty nails and feet!  She's what I would call my in-be'TWEEN'.  A mix of girly girl & mountain chic.  Here's some great gift ideas for the Tween or Teen girl in your life! 

Girly girl & Mountain Chic Look 
(For Tweens & Teens!)

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