Friday, February 10, 2012

Fabulous Friday Find

I couldn't be happier Friday is finally about you?  Seems like some weeks are definitely longer than others, and this week has been one of them.  With Valentine's Day right around the corner, today I am sharing something that is quite unique and different than what I normally post, but that's's GOOD to be different in my books!  

Jook & Nona have THE most original jewelry I have come across.  So much so that even celebrities have discovered these gorgeous one of a kind pieces.  Beautiful handmade, necklaces, rings, earrings, cuff links & bracelets, each with your own fingerprint. Yes, I said fingerprint...pinky print to be exact.  You can't get much more personal in my opinion...(and if you ever lost it~which we hope you don't~there's no question when it comes to identifying it!).  

Shir Micheals' passion for art started at an early age and blossomed into a creative expression of love, after her long time boyfriend proposed. (Very Valentine's Day appropriate right?)! You can read more about this love story of how the business started here

Each piece is custom made, and carefully handcrafted.  The whole process begins with the the impression kit.  The will ship it within one week of your online order and once they have received your impression back (prepaid shipping btw!), the crafting begins and is cast in your choice of metal.   Ahem...I hope my special someone is listening:) Check out some of the beautiful pieces:





These would definitely make a really special gift for anytime, anyone, anywhere. 

Happy Friday!


Website: Jook & Nona


Victoria @ The FAT Paint™ Company and ÉdinHome said...

So very unique and lovely!!

Shelley Jacobsen said...

I think so too...they're so simple and beautiful really! Have a great weekend Victoria!

Sara K said...

oh em gee I LOVE this... I need to pin it so I don't forget.

Shelley Jacobsen said...

Sara I agree...omg is right lol! So personal AND beautiful:)

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