Thursday, February 23, 2012

Closet Conversation

With all these recent sunny days, it feels like Spring is right around the corner and with that usually comes the urge to purge, redo & organize.  Whether we actually do it or not, is another question, however it appears most of my fellow bloggers and DIY genius's are at it so with all the 50 or so projects I need to do (at least in my world), I am working on room plans for my daughter & son and my own closet. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't be overwhelmed, and will tackle one space at a time, (after all, I should follow the advice I give my clients right?), but first things first.  Putting together the plan.   

I will say that my closet is not a pretty site at the moment.  Having only moved into our new place in October, we're still trying to see how we "live" in all the spaces.  There are still boxes of who knows what in my room and things that don't even belong in here...yes, terrible I know!  However, we have to allow ourselves to make mistakes, to not be perfect and well, as organized as I like to think I am sometimes, this closet screams...NOT!  

So yesterday I finally made a plan of attack in there, found some things I forgot I had~"oh THERE'S that blouse I was looking for!", or "why do I have this again?" know exactly what I'm saying! I've made a small dent, but there's still a ways to go.  Now, normally I wouldn't do this, but I took a couple of pictures of the mess before I started (just know that I am shrieking a lot inside showing these!).  On the bright side, this closet has such a great layout that I actually really love, & plan to make it amazing!  I am also loving how it's open to the rest of my bedroom (meaning it has to look good!), but there are only three walls to work with.  One full wall, the one with the window and the other half wall.  The fourth wall is the entry to the en-suite.  There is great potential though and with so much inspiration out there (pinterest anyone?),  well that alone inspires me.  Anyone else have any closet woes they want to share?  

Here are the before pics...(gulp)


Sheila Zeller said...

Oh I so get the shriek part! The 'before' shots are the big gulp in the blogging equation... just wait 'til you see my office 'before's!

Depending on what you will be storing, I'm in favor of shelves and baskets, just because of the flexibility you get. But, if a large armoire, chest, etc. will manage your storage needs, then that's definitely a pretty way to go.

Looking forward to the final outcome!

Stephanie from said...

It is great space. I think open shelving is best in a closet to display beautiful shoes and accessories. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
I hope this comment goes though...always have problems with the catch on my iPad. I bet if you removed it you would get more comments...

Shelley Jacobsen said...

I do agree Sheila & Stevie. I think open shelving with some pretty boxes might be the way to go. I could also incorporate a chest against the taller wall for jewelry and lingerie. Lots to think about! Stevie, do you mean the part where you type in the words to confirm no spamming? Let me know and I will try to remove whatever it is! Thanks ladies! Appreciate your advice!

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Oh! You've got a great space to work with! Our closet space is so tiny. Look forward to seeing your after pics Shelley!

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