Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top Things Home Buyers Look For When Purchasing A Home

Location:  Is this home going to meet the needs of the family?  What type of neighbourhood is it in?  Are there a lot of rental properties in the area?  What will the commute to work be like and how long will it take?  What type of schools are there in the area?  Where are the shops located?  How much can I afford?

Resale:  How long will the home buyer/s live there?  Always look at buying a home as an investment.  Never assume you will live there forever.  How easy will this house be to resell?

Structural issues:  Does the roof need replacing?  Is it dipping?  Is there any water or any other structural damage visible or possibly not visible to eye?  Will they be able to afford to fix these things?

Outdoor space:  A large number of home buyers want a garden and/or yard space.

Kitchens & Bathrooms:  How modernized and up to date is the kitchen and bathrooms?

Garage:  Is there a garage and extra parking either on the street or driveway?

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