Monday, April 18, 2011

POP Goes The Curb Appeal - PART 2

With Spring here, and the nicer weather upon us, more and more buyers are searching for their next home.  So today I'd like to discuss the front entrance, that first impression of a home.  Obviously this is the first thing a potential buyer sees and experiences when seeing a home for the first time, which by the way is usually based on emotions, so it's important to make the curb appeal of your home POP and give it some dimension.  You always want to make sure the front door is visible from the street and easily accessible, so start by taking away any obstruction/s or anything that might make the home outdated.  Think about your budget and what would be necessary and what you can do without.  The only thing you are trying to create here is emotion and drawing potential buyers to your home.  Economical choices make sense.  Changing out door hardware, outdoor lighting, house numbers, mailboxes and paint are all great choices and will make a huge impact alone.  Trimming down overgrown landscaping, adding some stones, fixing up any damaged driveways and walkways are all easy fixes that will draw in your buyers.  

(Photos courtesy of J&J Landscaping LLC)

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