Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Series: It's A Tween's World-One Dress, Two Looks!

So the tween in my world, is having a formal dance on Friday, so the madness of shopping for a dress and accessories began yesterday, because living in a town of only 17,000 (plus), doesn't give you a lot of shopping choices for these types of things.  As much as I try to shop local for most things, there are exceptions.  So off we went to Downtown Vancouver and after trying on about 10 dresses, she fell in love with one from Topshop.  

I must say, it's a pretty spectacular dress that looks fabulous on her, and the bonus?  She can wear it two ways. Yay!!  

Here's two ways to wear this dress:

1. Dress
2. Ring
5. Clutch

1. Dress
2. Jacket
4. Boots
5. Tote

In the end, she got a dress she loves, the clutch from Aldo, ring from Forever21 and earrings also from Forever21.  She is borrowing my white strappy wedges (similar to the ones posted minus the silver).  Not sure if it's a good thing that we have the same size feet?  Do you have a piece you wear two ways?  

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