Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gorgeous Holiday Table Decor That's Festive, Fabulous & Best Of All...Earth Friendly!

Instead of going shopping and standing in endless lineups this year, looking for the next best trend in holiday decor and entertaining, why not look in your own backyard?  Whenever possible, try to use what you already own when it comes to tableware.  Why not try an out of the oridinary holiday colour scheme?  Second hand stores are wonderful, treasure-like coves for finding unique pieces to add to your table that will almost always give your guests something to converse about and guessing where you found your fabulous finds and how you had the time to put it all together!  

To add some texture to the table, just step outside!  You're sure to find branches, twigs and greenery that can easily be mixed with berries and fruit slices to make earth friendly bouquets, not to mention warm and inviting scents!  Simply put in a vase and grouped together in various heights will put that finishing touch that is sure to inspire your guests.  
(Photo courtesy of Real Simple). 

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